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2 Times delivery per day

    Delivery Process

  • We deliver ordered products daily twice in the morning and evening. Different time slots for different greater communities.

  • For morning we will take order up to yester 10:00 PM. For today evening delivery we will take orders up to 4 PM

  • We enable order slats for today and tomorrow only

    Cancellation of Order

  • Customer can cancel order from My Orders page until cancel button enabled

  • Cancellation is enabled until we change order status to Packing

  • Once order is delivered to the customer. Customer cannot cancel or return the products

    Product Replacement

  • Replacement of any branded products can be done. If corresponding company agree to replace it.

  • Replacement can be done only in case product damage or expired

  • Replacement can be done in next delivery slot only

    Product Return

  • Any ordered product can be returned only at delivery time of same order

  • Once order is delivered to the customer. Customer cannot cancel or return the products

    Amount Refund

  • We will refund amount within 7 working days from request process. After refund we will intimate to customer through mail communication.

    Delivery Conditions

  • Delivery time slots are always an estimated time only. It may extend in some cases.

  • Every day we try to deliver our products around 1000+ customers. In this case delivery boy time is more valuable. The company suggests to a delivery boy not wait more than 1 min for a customer. So please co-operate with delivery boys .

  • Without lift working conditions (Power lost or repair or not available of lift) we cannot supply 20-liter mineral water cans even through flat is on the 1st floor.

  • When customers choose COD (Cash on Delivery) option. It is customer responsibility to  maintain required change.

    Miner Water Can Return

  • After paying an advance. If the customer returns the water can on the same day, we will not charge an extra amount. If the customer returns the can other than the day we will 2 Rs per day. The same charge applies if customer contains extra can also